Alloa Community Enterprises is a well-loved charity that has been based in Alloa for over thirty years collecting and selling high quality, pre-loved furniture at reasonable prices to local people. This work helps reduce the impact of furniture disposal on the environment by diverting large items from landfill and actively recycling. The charity also offers valuable work experience, volunteering, and training to people, some with significant barriers to work.

  • Shane – Volunteer
    I have just started and have really enjoyed the work – you do a whole mixture of things – from helping on the van, in the warehouse and pricing up for the shop. Everyone has helped me learn the ropes.
    Shane – Volunteer
  • Kevin – Retail Assistant & Trainer
    I volunteer and also work Saturdays now – it is always busy here and volunteering is fun and you learn a lot about working with customers.
    Kevin – Retail Assistant & Trainer
  • Arron – Loader & Driver
    I love working on the van and making sure the furniture arrives safe and well to the new home. We will try and make it as easy as possible for anyone removing furniture too.
    Arron – Loader & Driver
  • Jade – Retail Assistant and Reception
    I started on a work programme and now I have a full-time job on the shop floor. I love my work and always aim to help people find the perfect piece – or send me a message on facebook and I will try and get back to you as soon as I can.
    Jade – Retail Assistant and Reception
  • Mary – Reception
    Give me a ring if you have any old pieces of furniture that you want removed – we can normally find a new home for them and it will save you time – I will try and make the process as smooth as possible for you.
    Mary – Reception
  • Chris – Warehouse Manager
    I started as a volunteer – and now I have a great job keeping the warehouse looking its best and helping customers find what they want.
    Chris – Warehouse Manager
  • Sandy – Driver
    I have been driving for the charity for over 15 years and love helping people locally find the perfect piece of furniture from us – and then take their old piece away and by doing so help the environment.
    Sandy – Driver
  • Graham  - Retail Manager
    I want to help find the perfect piece of furniture for you. I have been working in retail for over ten years and for the charity for over two years. I aim to please customers and offer a first class service at all times.
    Graham - Retail Manager